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Our Team

James B. LaValle

R.Ph.,C.C.N.M.T.,ND (trad)

Meet Jim LaValle

James LaValle is an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board-certified clinical nutritionist, and expert and educator in integrative and precision health. James is best known for his expertise in personalized integrative therapies uncovering the underlying metabolic issues that keep people from feeling healthy and vital. A thought leader in drug/nutrient depletion issues he has published 4 books and 3 databases in this area alone. As such he has over 35 years’ experience integrating natural and integrative therapies into various medical and business models. His latest research is in drug-induced microbiome disruption.

Ray Solano


Meet Ray Solano

Ray Solano is a clinical pharmacist for 35 years, certified clinical nutritionist, owner of Skin Lasting, a hydrating moisturizer, and host of HealthyChoicesXM radio and podcast. He is trained in unique uses of peptide pharmaceuticals and formulated and developed patented Synapsin Nasal Spray for cognitive regeneration.

Jim Meyer

PharmD, CCN

Meet Jim Meyer

Jim Meyer is a clinical pharmacist and clinical nutritionist for over 25 years. Jim likes to look at the patient as a whole rather than compartmentalizing symptoms as a better approach to health care.  

Sheneil Roberts


Meet Sheneil Roberts

Sheneil Roberts is a clinical pharmacist for over 17 years and graduated from the University of Texas, College of Pharmacy. She has extensive compounding experience and is trained in peptide pharmaceuticals.